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Everything you need to move

The PlayStation®Move is a combination of the PlayStation®3 system, the PlayStation®Eye camera and the PlayStation®Move motion controller. The motion gaming technology is housed in the pairing of the motion controller and the eye camera. The sphere at the end of the motion controller allows the eye camera to pinpoint your every movement and position within the room. This tracking is translated, with absolute precision, into gameplay. So when you hit that bullseye, it won't be a fluke.

We thought you'd have some questions about the PlayStation®Move so we've prepared some answers to your frequently asked questions.

Why is PlayStation®Move the right choice for me?

We understand that there are a few motion gaming options out there for you. So let us tell you why we think PlayStation®Move is so special.

PlayStation®Move is simple and easy-to-use.

It's easy for anyone to pick up the motion controller and start playing even if you've never played video games before. Gameplay is intuitive and natural especially since PS Move transforms your movements on screen. This also gives you ultimate control over how you play the game.

Buy new PlayStation®Move games or update your existing library.

We have tons of new games from family games to first person shooters but you may not need to buy a game at all in order to enjoy the PlayStation®Move experience. Download a software update for PS3™ games like MAG™ and Heavy Rain and they will be upgraded to become PlayStation®Move Compatible.

PlayStation®Move can literally bring characters into your living room or put you inside the game via augmented reality.

The combination of technology from the PlayStation®Move motion controller and PlayStation®Eye camera allows you to see yourself holding an object in your television or interact with a character right inside your living room.

PlayStation®Move is an extension of the PlayStation®3 system.

From a built-in Blu-ray player to stereoscopic 3D gaming to storage space for movies, music, games and photos, the PS3™ system has something for everyone.

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